Monica Olivas

Monica Olivas


 Current Hometown: Lake Forest

 Please Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: Redheaded Mexican. Full time blogger. Part time runner. Full time eater. 

 Why Did You Start Running? To lose weight. 

 Favorite Food: All. Especially Pizza and FroYo. 

 Are You Part of Any Running Clubs? Sole Runners

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore


 Current Hometown: Aliso Viejo

 Please Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I ran my first marathon in December of 2009 and since then have ran 66 total including a few 50K's and a 100K which I came in first woman. I was also born and raised on an island in Alaska to a commercial fishing family, a far cry from Southern California living! 

 Why Did You Start Running? A friend invited me to run a half marathon with her so I did, enjoyed it so much that I started training for a marathon and never really quit 

 Favorite Food: Pickles and Cream Cheese Frosting


Mayra Lopez

Mayra Lopez


 Current Hometown: Los Angeles

 Please Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I am a 27 year old Mexican American. I have a Bachelors in Sociology from Cal State University of Dominguez Hills. I currently work at Watts Labor Community Action Committee in Watts where I work at a Homeless Access Center. There we assist homeless individuals with housing needs; from sending them to shelters, transitional housing and/or permanent housing. Not only do we assist them with housing but also emotionally because these individuals need so much help to come back to life. We case manage them and guide them to a positive life. I love my job, it is very rewarding. Oh and I am sure I am not the only one but everyone in my family thinks I am crazy because I run so much yet they admire me for my dedication and love for the sport. 

 Why Did You Start Running? I started running in high school as a way to keep me in shape for softball. I joined the cross country team. I did not think I would like it yet alone be good at running at all. But as I continued to run and train I got better and started placing for my team. I then fell in love with the sport that I continued running cross country and track in college at LACC for Coach Tyrus Demintor. 

 Favorite Food: Sushi


Javier Cruz


Current Hometown: Bakersfield

Please Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I have finished the Boston Marathon 6 times!!!

Why Did You Start Running? For the love of the sport!!! AND because GOD gave me a second chance on life!!!

Favorite Food: Ceviche

Are You Part of Any Running Clubs? Bakersfield Track Club and the Ibeprophen Team

Deo Jaravata

Deo Jaravata


 Current Hometown: Granada Hills 

 Please Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I'm the 7th child of 10. I was born and raised in the Phiippines and migrated to the US back in 1988. I teach high school math in SF Valley. I also coach and train students as part of Students Run LA. I completed more than 360 marathons/ultras. I finished a marathon in all 7 continents. I'm also a racewalker and won the LA Marathon racewalking division many years ago (well, it is not really that competitive). I like to travel and always visit my native land every summer. 

 Why Did You Start Running? I started running back in 1996 due to depression. With my two close friends June of that year we trained for the LA Marathon for the next year. I joined two running clubs that time; LA Roadrunners and LA Frontrunners. That year, I also went to Atlanta to watch the Olympics. Early that year I also saw my favorite movie "Forrest Gump". Those two events motivated me to run. I used to drop off my older sister in the LA Marathon and sometimes join her in some local 5K races without training. 

 Favorite Food: Vietnamese Sprill Roll 

 Are You Part of Any Running Clubs? I'm part of different running clubs: A Runner's Circle, LA Frontrunners, Walker's Club LA, SRLA, RIF, MarathonGlotrotters, and Marathon Maniac. 

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